A letterheads is as important as brand, that it represent a company and can impart first impression to its potential customers. Therefore, a letterheads must look professional otherwise people might assume the business is less competent and not one they want to have any dealings with.

A letterhead is one of the most important printing collaterals in any business. More than just a means of correspondence, it is also a physical representation of your company. It can say a great deal about your brand image and is an essential part of your Company's sales and marketing communications strategy.

Letterhead is used to professionally identify the company or individual using the document for communication.

People often assume that only big corporations employ letterheads to communicate between two parties. However, the truth is that businesses of all sizes, either an individual, a small company or a large corporation, should use letterheads in their letters.

It is used to project formality and consistency. Thus, if you want to be professional in your communication, you ought to use a letterhead on your documents. Beyond formalities and good communication, letterheads are used to show that your documents and the information contained within them is credible and genuine.